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Mid-Autumn Festival Notice

Release time:2016-09-21 14:21  The publisher:admin

Dear customers,

In the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, Leopard Power Co.,Ltd. staff to wish you and your family healthy and happy, happy reunion! 
Accordance with the provisions related to the State Council General Office on vacation, on 19th, September,2013, Leopard Power Co.,Ltd. will be on public holiday for one day. During the holiday, Leopard Power Co.,Ltd. shall suspend the processing of related orders and service work.

Warm tips:
-Order processing will be extended backward 3 working days beginning on 19th, pls be patient.
-For your inquiry will be processed in time, we recommend that you consult after  20th,September. 

Leopard Power Co.,Ltd—Use the best quality for your trust.

Leopard Power Co.,Ltd. All staff sincerely.

16th, September, 2013
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