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Si-Graphene HV LiPo Batteries # Leopard Power new battery

Release time:2017-08-17   The publisher:未知

Graphene battery? 

High Voltage battery?

How about putting Silicon to make a #LeopardPower Silicon Graphene High Voltage battery for #fpv #droneracing?

New lithium battery cell technology has introduced a Silicon-Graphene additive that helps to preserve the Anode during discharging, thus increasing the batteries longevity and cycle-life. An inherent side-effect when operating a lithium battery above 4.2V is decreased cycle-life, with increased Internal-Resistance.

Studies have shown that poor capacity-retention and decreased lifespan of a lithium battery exponentially increase when there's corrosion of the Anode, specifically when being used above 4.2V. The new Silicon-Graphene additive helps to preserve the Anode from corrosion during use, thus preserving the Anode when operating at typical High-Voltage settings of 4.35V or more.

The benefit of operating at High-Voltage 4.35V is an increase of about 10% energy-density when compared to traditional 4.2V LiPo Batteries of the same size-and-weight. Lithium batteries marked as "High-voltage" compatible are safe to operate at 4.35V. Never overcharge a standard LiPo battery to above 4.2V or damage and/or fire may occur.

#LeopardPower 1300mAh and 1500mAh Si-Graphene HV LiPo Batteries for #fpv #droneracing is coming soon!!!
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More details is coming soon!


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